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What is Power Flushing?

Power Flushing is an efficient and effective method of cleansing a central heating system. Power Flushing is the process by which heating systems are forcibly cleansed by a high velocity water flow under controlled conditions to remove debris from your central heating system, avoiding physical damage to the system.

Moreover, when installing a new boiler in an old central heating system it is important that all debris is first removed from the old system so it does not accumulate in your new boiler which could shorten the life of your new boiler installation.

Improve Central Heating Efficeincy

Why Get A Power Flush

Over the course of a central heating systems life, the accumulations of sludge, corrosion and limescale deposits can reduce performance or stop a central heating system from working all together.

Power flushing restores the heat circulation to ageing central heating systems that have suffered from poor water circulation resulting in cold radiators or when boilers and radiators start making noise by removing sludge and debris from your central heating system.

You're in Safe Hands

Gas Safety Registered

As the owner of a property, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that all gas appliances are safe and working correctly at your properties. For any gas appliance, such as a central heating boiler, gas hob or gas fire, a gas safe certificate is required to verify this.


If you’re a landlord, or are selling your property and require a gas safety check for your solicitor, our fully trained and Gas Safe Registered engineers will ensure your appliances are compliant with all gas safety regulations. Your safety, and that of your tenants, will always be our top priority.


How Does Power Flushing Work?

During a power flush, a powerful pump unit is connected directly to your central heating system. The pump will flush a powerful blend of chemicals through the pipework. This will remove the sludge, rust and limescale in the system and prevent rust from reoccurring in the future. Once any sludge, oil, scale and other contaminants have been dislodged, your heating engineer will force clean water through the pipes to remove all the contaminated liquid from the system, before properly disposing of it.

We can diagnose and solve any domestic plumbing issue within the first hour and we have a long history of providing excellent results at reasonable rates for our customers in Mansfield, Shirebrook, Warsop and Bolsover.

What are the benefits of a power flush?

Thousands of central heating systems across the UK are running inefficiently due to a build up of black iron oxide 'sludge' and lime scale. This build up causes heating systems to run at a very low efficiency and in turn increase the cost of fuel bills, this build up can also result in break downs and other problems that can be costly to fix. When done to the highest standards, power flushing delivers a range of benefits for your heating system, your home and your bank balance. Removing all that dirt, sludge and debris makes it easier for hot water to be distributed to your taps and radiators, making your whole system quicker and more energy efficient.

  •  Saves you time and money of replacing the central heating system
  •  Central heating efficiency restored
  •  Improved heating costs
  •  Central Heating system warms up faster
  •  The system flow and circulation is improved
  •  Radiators heat output restored.
  • Power flush treatment prevents corrosion
  •  Cures boiler noise
  •  Sludge removal and de-scaling in one visit
  •  Helps boiler warranties
  •  Power Flushing completed within the day
  •  Overall efficient Central heating system

By breathing new life into an old central heating system the costs and inconvenience of a replacement central heating system can be avoided.

Our advanced power flushing equipment removes this build up and restores the central heating system to optimum efficiency. Having a clean heating system reduces the work load on the boiler and in turn can save you up to 25% on your heating bills. Chances of breakdowns and other costly problems can also be avoided by having your heating system power flushed.